Acorns n Bones Outreach Ministries Get Up, Be Raised Up, Grow!
Acorns n Bones Outreach Ministries Get Up, Be Raised Up, Grow!
Dr. Tia Buchanan, M.A., Rev., NCCA LCCC, ABCST 13741, DMin.; M.A., M.S., CIT, CPT, CSSBB, NCC, LPCS/C, LAC Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate SC Licensed Professional Counselor (6810) Licensed Addiction Counselor (178) NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (13741)
Dr. Tia Buchanan, M.A., Rev., NCCA LCCC, ABCST 13741, DMin.; M.A., M.S., CIT, CPT, CSSBB, NCC, LPCS/C, LACLicensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate SCLicensed Professional Counselor (6810)Licensed Addiction Counselor (178)NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (13741)

DISC Profile


The Uniquely You DISC Personality Profiles were developed by Dr. Mels  Carbonell in 1987.  Dr. Carbonell  utilized the Greek forms Choleric,  Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and  Melancholy.


The Uniquely You utilizes the four temperament model of human  behaviors from the perspective which is similar to the Arno Profile System.


As a DISC YU Certified Behavioral Therapist, Dr. Buchanan provides clients with an option of the ARNO or the DISC YU personality assessment with counseling, or BOTH.  The DISC YU has the ability to display ones individually unique spiritual GIFTS.  The DISC YU can ALSO be used for business personality assessment.


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