Dr. Tia Buchanan, M.A., NCCA LCCC, ABCST 13741, Rev., DMin.; M.A., M.S., CIT, CPT, CSSBB, NCC, LPCS/C, LAC, EMDRC Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate SC Licensed Professional Counselor (6810) Licensed Addiction Counselor (178) EMDR Clinician (+EMDRIA Professional Member) NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (13741)
Dr. Tia Buchanan, M.A., NCCA LCCC, ABCST 13741, Rev., DMin.; M.A., M.S., CIT, CPT, CSSBB, NCC, LPCS/C, LAC, EMDRCLicensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate SCLicensed Professional Counselor (6810)Licensed Addiction Counselor (178)EMDR Clinician (+EMDRIA Professional Member)NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (13741)

Sand Tray Lady

We believe the pages of a healthy life have special meaning and constitute an evolving life story with chapters containing the human precepts of integrity, compassion and wholeness.

We offer a safe refuge where individuals are encouraged to identify and connect with their inner self of themselves, those whom they care for, and their environment.

We have been working together for many years in our group practice in Sumtersince 2010. By combining specializations, we help clients from many different perspectives and increase the chances of success.  While shopping locally, it was suggested (as a positive note) to refer to myself as "Sand Tray Lady" so that I could be found due to my specialized experise. 


Sandtray is one (of many) tools and methodolgies I use in psychotherapy, and I have trained expertise and experience in both Sand Tray Therapy and SandPlay Therapy. 

Sand tray therapy is a form of expressive therapy referred to as sandplay (sandplay does have a slightly different approach, the World Technique), developed by Margaret Lowenfeld, Goesta Harding, Hedda Bolgar, Lisolette Fischer, Ruth Bowyer, and Dora Kalff.


This type of psychotherapy is used with children, adults, teens, couples, families, and groups. Sand tray therapy allows a person to construct his or her own microcosm using miniatures, what nots, symbols, and colored sand. The scene created acts as a reflection of the person’s own life and allows him or her an opportunity to resolve conflicts, remove obstacles, and gain acceptance of self.


Though "sand tray" therapy and "sandplay" therapy both involve the use of sand for therapeutic purposes in a threat-free environment, both approaches have subtle and significant differences.  I use both at various times.  Sand tray therapy, for example, is the approach when we need to incorporate various theoretical orientations; whereas sandplay therapy is grounded in Jungian psychotherapy  For example, sandplay therapy may be more effective for children or individuals unable to express themselves verbally due to past trauma; whereas, sand tray therapy allows the person to find answers that are already within them.  Both are very powerful in healing.


For your Sand Tray or Sand Play Therapy session, please contact us to schedule your initial intake...come meet and spend some time with "The SandTray Lady!"

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