Acorns n Bones Outreach Ministries Get Up, Be Raised Up, Grow!
Acorns n Bones Outreach Ministries Get Up, Be Raised Up, Grow!
Dr. Tia Buchanan, M.A., Rev., NCCA LCCC, ABCST 13741, DMin.; M.A., M.S., CIT, CPT, CSSBB, NCC, LPCS/C, LAC Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate SC Licensed Professional Counselor (6810) Licensed Addiction Counselor (178) NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (13741)
Dr. Tia Buchanan, M.A., Rev., NCCA LCCC, ABCST 13741, DMin.; M.A., M.S., CIT, CPT, CSSBB, NCC, LPCS/C, LACLicensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate SCLicensed Professional Counselor (6810)Licensed Addiction Counselor (178)NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (13741)

Our Team

Acorns n Bones Outreach Ministries team involves HIGHLY-trained, experienced, and dedicated professional mental health therapists.  


We equate success of our ministry of HEALING and restoration when individuals, children, families, and relationships of clients are able to "Get Up, Be Raised, and GROW!"

Director, Founder, Supervising Clinician:

Dr. Tia Buchanan, Summa cum laude Honors:  2007-2018: Associate of Applied Sciences Criminal Justice: Criminology and Family Law (Kaplan University) (Cum laude Honors); Bachelor of Theology (Andersonville Theological Seminar ( Summa cum laude Honors); Master of Christian Counseling (Andersonville Theological Seminary) (Summa cum laude Honors), NCCA Ordained Credentials Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor; NCCA Licensed Advanced Board Certification Sexual Therapy; Master of Human Services Marriage and Family Therapy Cognate (Liberty University) (Magna cum laude Honors); Master of Professional Counseling (Clinical+60 Hours+ 600 Grad internship) (Liberty University) ( Magna cum laude Honors); Doctorate Christian Ministry Counseling and Education (Andersonville Theological Seminary) ( Summa cum laude Honors); Certification Six-Sigma (Master) Black Belt Methodology (Kaplan University) (Summa cum laude Honors); CPT, Post Master Certification Play Therapy and Supervision, School of Psychology and Behavioral Health (Capella University) (Summa cum laude Honors); Master of Applied Sciences Forensic Psychology: Mental Health Applications, Court Involved Therapy, Pediatrics (Walden University) (Summa cum laude Honors).


Dr. Buchanan is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate, SC Licensed Professional Counselor (6810), with additional National Certified Counselor credentials, and a SC Licensed Addiction Counselor (178).


Dr. Buchanan is a Native American Christian who enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with her family. She and her husband arrived at Shaw AFB in 2004 and have been called to continue care within the communities and surrounding areas since his 2014 (22 year) career retirement from the US Air Force. They have five children, and two grandchildren. 

Advanced Specialized Education:

Certified Play Therapy  Supervisor

Post Master Certification in Play Therapy (Capella University) meets requirements for Registered Play Therapist and Registered Play Therapist Supervisor with the Association of Play Therapy. Dr. Buchanan graduated with Summa cum laude Honors, concentration in Filial Family Therapy from a phenomenological client centered methodology and Theraplay.

She is the creator of the Filial Family DMAIC model used only with our clients.

As a Certified Play Therapist, Dr. Buchanan provides a customized version of FILIAL Play Therapy(C) that is catered to Acorns n Bones Outreach Ministries clients, and is developed and implemented through administration of the DMAIC process and TAIM model from a client centered process as a parent facilitator.

She sees clients ranging from ages 3-18 for play and expressive arts therapy.

Court Invovled Therapist, Custody Supervisor, Reunification Provider

Associate of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Victimization, Family Law; Master of Professional Counseling

(60 HR clinical + 600 intern hours);

Master of Forensic Psychology: Mental Health Applications: Pediatrics Population, Court Involved Therapy, NCC LPC

Dr. Buchanan has over 10 years counseling experience and serves as a Court Involved Therapist and conflict and family counselor for

mediation, providing court involved therapy and reintegration/ reunification services to families and children.

She serves ALL areas of South Carolina and is a LPC and LAC for the state of SC. She is a professional member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and is a Court Involved Therapist.

NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor; NCCA Advanced Board Certified Sexual Therapist

Master of Christian Counseling, NCCA LCC, ABCST

Along with her first Master of Christian Counseling (Summa cum laude) degree, Dr. Buchanan earned Advanced Board Certification in Sexual Therapy with the National Christian Counselors Association. She uses this certification to help provide ADVANCED services for couples, individuals with addictive behaviors, families, and those who are survivors of sexual trauma.

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate;                Licensed Professional Counselor (6810); Licensed Addiction Counselor (178)

Master of Arts Professional Counseling (60 HR CLINICAL) (Liberty University)

(Cum laude)

Master of Forensic Psychology: Mental Health Applications: Pediatrics, CIT

(Walden University)

(Summa cum laude);

NCC is the National Certified Counselor standard that exemplifies general practice of counseling. This credential represents the highest ethical and professional standards for counseling within the field of Psychology and Psychotherapy.

In addition to being licensed as an Ordained Minister in Christian Counseling, Dr. Buchanan holds earned professional counseling credentials with the state of South Carolina and serves as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and SC Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC).


As a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Cancidate, Dr. Buchanan emphasizes the Bio-Psycho-Social model to evaluate factors involved in causing or exacerbating mental health concerns and diagnoses.  Psychotherapy theories she will use in supervision include psychodynamic theory, the working alliance model, parallel process, and mirroring of the therapist/ client relationship within the supervisor/supervisee relationship; person-centered, a focus on the supervisor’s trust in the supervisee’s ability to be a clinician in a non-controlling, nondirective environment based on mutual trust; cognitive-behavioral based on learning models that focus on behaviors and consequences; and systemic.


Her background includes the exploration on the criminal mind, assessment, treatment for severe nomeclatures,  substance abuse, diagnosing severe mental health issues while providing treatment plans and clinical assessments.

She has supervised staff at Acorns n Bones Outreach Ministries OMC since its inception in January 2010.

Mrs. Teri L. Hunley-Woolwine, BCBA, M.S., M.S., NBCC

Mrs. Hunley-Woolwine is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, with honors graduate studies and completion in Master of Science Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University; Master of Science Human Services Mental Health Counseling from Capella University; and is a National Board for Certified Counselors member since 2016. Mrs. Hunley-Woolwine will head our ABA therapy program and implement supervision and training opportunities in our area. 

Mrs. Alma Daye, M.S., On Staff Office and Scheduling Coordinator (Summa cum laude)

Mrs. Alma Daye, M.S., holds a Master of Science in Administration & Management for private organizations. 

She serves as the On Staff Office and Scheduling Coordinator for Dr. Buchanan, M.A., M.A., M.A., M.S., DMin., NCCA LCCC ABCST, CIT, CPT, NCC LPC, LAC.

Mrs. Daye is the initial point of contact for communication for all reunification services, and heads the scheduling department for point of reference.

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