Dr. Tia Buchanan, M.A., NCCA LCCC, ABCST 13741, Rev., DMin.; M.A., M.S., CIT, CPT, CSSBB, NCC, LPCS/C, LAC, EMDRC Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate SC Licensed Professional Counselor (6810) Licensed Addiction Counselor (178) EMDR Clinician (+EMDRIA Professional Member) NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (13741)
Dr. Tia Buchanan, M.A., NCCA LCCC, ABCST 13741, Rev., DMin.; M.A., M.S., CIT, CPT, CSSBB, NCC, LPCS/C, LAC, EMDRCLicensed Professional Counselor Supervisor Candidate SCLicensed Professional Counselor (6810)Licensed Addiction Counselor (178)EMDR Clinician (+EMDRIA Professional Member)NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor (13741)


We see each client as a value added individual with a diverse worldview.

We offer custom designed problem solving tools to help each client make

mental health healing a solution focused goal to successfully attain.

We teach each client how to

"Get Up, Be Raised Up, and Grow!"

(Ezekial 37, John 5, Isaiah 61, Psalm 1)

Welcome to Acorns n Bones Outreach Ministries Couseling!

Help is the first step!

Seeking help is the FIRST step to implement change for a better life, and for positive well-being. Seeking help means YOU ARE taking your first step in learning HOW to REALLY change your situation, for more positive well-being and balance. 


If you have been referred to obtain services, we appreciate that your friends, family, or providers all care greatly about how you are doing, and have a desire to see you improve.


We will work with you and teach you how to obtain balance mind, body, and spirit. We are an outreach counseling ministry, focusing on the edification, education, and counseling needs of community members of Sumter SC.


Since conception in 2010, we are founded within a Biblically based Christian world-view within psycho-analytic counseling modalities to facilitate healing and restoration of individuals and intra-personal (deep level) and inter-personal (surface level) relationships in the perspective that psychological disorders affect not only individuals who suffer (when untreated), but family, community, and society as a whole.


To schedule an appointment with us,you may call 803.565.3878 to speak with our staff member who will help you with this need. 

We are a safe place!

Since conception in 2010, Acorns n' Bones strives to provide a safe, non-judgmental Christian environment where appreciation for uniqueness of personal journey and individually created temperament  guides therapeutic explorations.


We will explore issues together to problem solve using DMAIC, and the TAIM Model, that allows clients to choose and implement steps to healing from a biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual mentally, spiritually integrated psychotherapy application within Biblical foundations.

Just a preview of our specialties you will NOT find anywhere else...

We provide counseling for individuals, children, couples, and families of all walks of life, and specialize in trauma with military, childhood sexual abuse, Temperament Therapy, Play Therapy, Filial Family Therapy, and Court Involved Therapy. 

Get UP, Be Raised, GROW!         

Counseling Needs

In Ezekial 37, God told Ezekial in the valley of Achor, which neant troubled door, can this vast army of dead dried bones not live? Ezekial was then commandsd to raise up the dead dried bones to live. Every day, we struggle with various stressors, left over pain, hurts, traumas and we are as dead dried bones within ourselves, our marriages, our relationships with others...and yet, God is able to heal dead dried bones to live and "Be Raised Up." Although we may at times, feel bent over, like the invalid man by the waters of Bethesda in John 5, we can be healed to "Get Up" from our infirmities and live.  We can be given a beautiful headdress,  rather than ashes and called Oaks of righteousness (Isaiah 61), all the while having our growth revealed by the One Who is like a tree, planted by the water Who does not wither (Psalm 1), and enables us to "Grow!"


Services are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please leave a confidential message at:  803.883.4237

We will return your call as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.


Please allow a 24 hour return during weekdays.  For weekend calls, return calls may be referred to the next available business day.


If it is an immediate mental health emergency, we ask you to go to the nearest medical treatment facility or hospital, and services for outpatient can thereafter be provided to you. You may ask hospital or inpatient treatment staff to refer you to us.  


Contact us on our Contact Us page, Email us, or CALL us for appointments, or leave a private message after hours: CALL: 803.883.4237 

Fax: 803.883.4004

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